Frequently Asked Questions


Is the consult in home or over the phone/email?

The majority of my sleep consultant will be via email. This way you have a written record of everything we discuss. During an active consult, I will also be available be text during the span of your package, and can arrange phone calls as needed. I do offer in home Consults services as well on a limited basis, see my session pages or frequently asked questions for more information. I can offer in home consults in Toronto, Barrie, Muskoka at this time. 

How long will it take?

While every baby is different, most babies will progress after just a couple nights of working with a sleep consultant , with most sleeping through the night by night 3 or 4. I will provide daily feedback based on the package you have chosen. The results are dependant on you as parents adhering to the provided sleep plan. 

How much does it cost?

 Cost is based on how much support and detail you need.  If you only need a bit of guidance from your sleep consultant the price will be lower, however if you prefer to have daily support and feedback through the process the cost will be reflective of this. Check out my consult pages to see costs. 

Are you like a night nanny service?

We are different from a night nanny service, in that we teach you how to handle Night Wakings and to help your child to sleep. In home services are available for short periods of time in Muskoka Toronto or Barrie areas, to help with adhering to the sleep plan, but incorporate your family into learning how to help get your baby back to sleep. 

Will my baby be crying all night?

For sleep training to be successful there is often some amount of tears. This does not mean your baby will be left to extinction cry it out all night. I can use gentle methods to reduce the amount of tears, or more intermittent methods if you are able to cope with some tears and want a faster result. Please read my disclaimer on crying for more information or contact your sleep consultant to find out more!

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