When researching sleep training many people assume they will be told to put their baby to bed and left to cry until they are so exhausted they eventually fall asleep. With most sleep consultants, including myself,  that is simply not true. I believe a baby should feel secure, loved, comforted and happy. They should also get responded to when they have needs. I believe bedtime should be a happy routine to spend time with your baby at the end of the day, and not something that is dreaded by everybody. 

With your personalized sleep plan, i will further address crying and together we can chose a method that will workwith your families beliefs on crying. 

Disclaimer on Co-Sleeping/ Bed Sharing


As your sleep consultant I am dedicated to making a healthy and safe sleep environment for your child. I will be following the Safe Sleep/Back to Sleep campaign to help reduce the risk of SIDS or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. 

Since the introduction of Back to Sleep, the SIDS rates have decreased by 50%. 


Because of my commitment to form safe sleep habits and environments, at this time I will not be accepting families that want to continue to co-sleep. If you are a current Co-Sleeping family, and wish to create safe sleep environment for all, and get out of co-sleeping, then I am more than willing to help. 

Medical Advice


As a sleep consultant, I am here to guide you with your child's sleep problems. I am at no time a source for medical advice outside of this scope. I am here to assist with normal sleep problems that are caused by bad habits or sleep associations. Any questions that arise pertaining to medical or  developmental concerns will be referred back to your pediatrician.