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Newborn Sleep Consult


It it important to build a good sleep foundation from day one. Let me help you start with healthy sleep habits from the moment you meet your little one. These sleep training consults are best for infants 0-3 months, and will guide you through ways to calm your baby, create a safe sleep environment, and stay away from bad habits that will ruin your sleep later on. 

Baby to Toddler Sleep Consults


These packages are best for those aged 4 months up to 4 years. Our outcome will have your baby sleeping through the night (if developmentally appropriate), and able to fall asleep on their own. These packages include assisting with dropping sleep associations, breaking co-sleeping, and reducing pacifier use as needed. 

In Home Consults


These consults are available on an as needed basis. If you feel you need hands on support in your home at bedtime, this one is for you. 

About Me

Sheena O'Connor

Hi there, 

I’m Sheena or “Mama Sheens”. I guess you are wondering how I came up with that. Well its a name I earned in University, for being the “mom” of the group and keeping everyone safe and fed. Still what I do to this day! 

I‘ve been a registered nurse sincce 2007, with my career starting in postpartum and Level 1 Special Care Nursery. After a few years I transferred to a Level 2 NICU, as my love for caring for those precious infants grew. For some time I also helped organize and facilitate the RSV Clinic for patients in our communiity, as well as the Neonatal Follow Up Clinic for our NICU grads. During the Neonatal follow up clinic many parents biggest concern aside from growth/feeding was sleep. This was especially apparent at the 18-24month mark, when they had been trying to protect their precious little one from everything they could, but with that many of these babies had developed big sleep associations. This is what prompted beginning this journey that I had long thought of before. 

I first fell in love with sleep training with my own son. He is now 9 and an amazing sleeper but that wasnt always the case. He fought me up and down to go to sleep. When he was about 5 months I knew we had a problem I had to fix. I would be returning to a job that had long shifts, and the little sleep I got needed to be GOOD, as well as he would at times be staying in different places overnight depending on my shifts. In came sleep training and changed both of our lives. It is something that to this day I am thankful for as he continues to go on sleepovers with ease, and when I see those around me struggling with sleep with kids of all ages. 

We reside in Toronto, Ontario, but as a virtual based sleep consultant I can help you no matter your location!

My Goal is to not only help your baby get the sleep they need, but YOU get the sleep you also need and deserve!



Certified by the Institute of Pediatric Sleep and Parenting

By the Institute of Pediatric Sleep and Parenting

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Sleep is the foundation for allowing our bodies to heal, recuperate from the day and keep our brain and emotions healthy. Sleep deprivation, for both you and your child, can have long term effects on your overall health, emotions, learning abilities and memory. Let’s improve your sleep together. 

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